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Capsulitis and feet.

When people think of capsulitis, they tend to think of shoulders and hips but the feet are prone to there fair share of capsulitis too. So what is capsulitis? Well simply speaking it is inflammation of the joint capsule. Ligaments around joints and help form a capsule. Joint capsules help your joints to function properly […]

Under The Nail

I have been seeing a lot of corns under the nail recently they are more common this time of year due to most people wearing closed in shoes. So I thought this month I would write about a few of the things podiatrists find under toenails. Well undoubtedly the most common problem encountered under the […]


One of the most common problems that I come across in my clinics are corns, so this month I thought I would talk about what they are and more importantly how to deal with them. Corns are painful lesions on the feet caused by mechanical stress to that particular area. This increased mechanical stress can […]

Arch Pain

This month I thought I would write about one of the most common causes of arch pain, Posterior Tibial tendinitis or Posterior Tibial dysfunction as it is sometimes known. I see this condition a lot in my clinics and it can be a progressively debilitating condition. Which can, if left untreated result in rupture of […]

Knee pain and feet

One of the most common knee problems that I see in clinic is Patella Femoral syndrome; also sometimes know as runner’s knee. The problem causes pain in the front central portion of the knee usually worse when running or walking up or down hill or going up and down stairs (down particularly). Often there can […]